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Feb 24, 2014

with Prince Handley



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 My goal is to define the parameters in which you can be healed scripturally,
and live in health ... and then you can help others do the same!
-- Prince Handley

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There are many types of headaches, including the most serious: Migraines.
The purpose of this podcast is to lead you on a path to help you find relief … and deliverance – total and permanent healing – from unnecessary pain and discomfort in the head and jaw.


 The World Health Organization estimates that nearly half of the adult population suffers from headaches.1

 One of the most insidious, but considered by many non-threatening, areas of disease is that which encompasses head pain, including jaw pain. It may be called disease because it is just that: “dis – ease, or “lack of ease, or “non-ease.”

 God wants YOU healed, healthy and whole. My job is to help you attain that position.

 First, let's start with the problem. Are you having either periodic or recurring pain in your head or jaw? If it is constant (not just recurring or periodic) then you need a help NOW: you need a miracle or you need to see a doctor or call 911. First, let me PRAY for you.

 “Father in Heaven, in the name of Your Son I command the pain to leave this person immediately … NOW … and I loose the HEALING POWER of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus, the Messiah) to enter this person. Be healed and made whole in the Name of the LORD.”

 Now … it is time for YOU to pray. First, ask the LORD Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and to take over your life. Ask Messiah Jesus to be your LORD.

 Next, if for some reason (known or unknown) you do NOT experience the release of pain, then if the problem has been either recurring or periodic, I want you to plan a strategy and ask God to guide you in this strategy. Do the following: pray, and ask God to lead you to the following (they must be honest professionals with good reviews and references):

A medical doctor (Primary Care Physician);

A dentist;

An ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist); and,

A chiropractor.

The Primary Care Physician (PCP) can check you and give you referrals to #2, #3, and #4 above. The dentist (#2) and the EEN (#3) and the Chiropractor (#4) can help you eliminate the source (or sources) of your problem. The dentist can identify if a condition in your teeth or gums is causing your head or jaw pain. The EEN can identify if a condition in your ears, nose or throat is causing the problem. The chiropractor can analyze your musculoskeletal system to identify if perhaps it is a subluxation complex problem is causing your pain. Because the vertebrae protect the spinal cord, even a small disturbance to the vertebrae can profoundly affect delicate nerve tissue. Also, the impairment to the nerve system can cause tissues and organs throughout the body to function poorly.

You will want to PRAY at each step of the way and ask God to help the doctor analyze your specific problem with accuracy. For example, if both the dentist and the EEN specialist tell you that you should be experiencing NO problem (that is, the pain in head or jaw pain is NOT being caused by a condition in you teeth, gums, ear, nose or throat) then it is a fairly good probability that the problem lies with a spinal (including the neck) or jaw condition. Even if you have some teeth that need working on (for example, cavities), an honest dentist will tell you if that is NOT causing your problem with head or jaw pain. They may even tell you to come back when you are experiencing severe pain (if you are not at the time you see them) to help them provide you with a more accurate diagnosis.

If it turns out that it is a problem with the jaw or jaw misalignment or TMJ, the chiropractor may be able to adjust the alignment or treat the musculoskeletal condition that is the culprit. It may take only one treatment (adjustment) or you may need a successive number of treatments. Restoring musculoskeletal balance is KEY to preventing and treating your headaches.

The strategy outlined above is to help you eliminate what is NOT causing your problem so that you can focus on what IS causing your problem. Then, with prayer and directed activity you can focus on healing the root of the problem: the cause of the symptoms!

Be careful about online video exercises for problems with your jaw or problems with TMJ as you may aggravate the situation. If you have narrowed the problem to jaw condition, then ask a chiropractor or other holistic health professional what is a good healthy and preventive maintenance routine. Even then, if you experience aggravation, stop immediately.

If you have access to a swimming pool, periodic (daily or other) light swimming may bring much sought after relief: it helps to reduce both muscular tension and stress. Give it a try and see … and remember to pray for healing while you are swimming. Learn to work with God. He is for you! If you are Spirit-filled, pray in tongues while you are swimming.

Chiropractic can effectively relieve the most common types of headache: migraine (one-sided); tension type (vice like); and, cervicogenic (stemming from the neck). Abnormal motion of the neck joints can lead to headaches. Headaches can have one or more causes: biomechanical, vascular, psychological, genetic, neurological or environmental. Also, there are several possible headache triggers: excessive stress, chocolate, red wine, caffeine, aged cheeses, MSG, improper sleep patterns, weather changes, pollution, and vigorous or unbalanced exercise.

Regardless of the root cause, God wants you healed and healthy. And then … you can go help others to healing and to a life of health! Pray right now and ask God to reveal the sources of your headaches – your jaw or head pain – and to heal you: either miraculously or to lead you in planning a strategy for healing. Remember, it doesn't matter HOW God works … just so He works!

My personal medical PCP that I had for years used to tell me, “God heals and doctors get the credit.”

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Podcast time: 8 minutes, 47 seconds


1. I personally believe that statistics supporting this statement by the World Health Organization are possibly skewed. As an international traveler to third world countries I can tell you that many headache problems in economically sub-standard geographic areas are due to such associated problems such as malnutrition, bad health and tooth and gum disease. – Prince Handley

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