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Sep 10, 2008

with Prince Handley



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My goal is to define the parameters in which you can be healed scripturally,
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-- Prince Handley

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How to know it is God’s will to heal you. Not just God CAN heal you, but God WILL heal you! He wants to heal you and He PROMISES in His Word to heal you. His will is for you to fulfill the number of your days in HEALTH.



I want to continue our discussion today about “Is Healing For Everyone?”

Healing is still the will of G-d as it was in the past. It is G-d’s will to heal ALL who have need of healing – and to fulfill the number of their days!

I want you to recall that all those Messiah Yeshua called back from the dead were young people who had NOT lived out their fullness of years. And, in that very fact we may see His protest against premature death. If the allotted span (of life) has not been spent, we have a right to claim G-d’s benefit of promised healing and health.

And, even though a person’s span of 70 to 80 years has been passed, it’s equally G-d’s will we should live the extra (extension of years) in good health. If you want to know what’s in a person’s will (that is, their Last Will and Testament) you have to read the will. People leave a Last Will and Testament and they write it before they die. They don’t come back to life and change it AFTER they have died. 

Jesus came back to life to minister what He put in His will. If we want to know G-d’s will on any subject, let us read His will. For example, let’s say someone says, “My realtive who was very wealthy passed away; and, I would like to know if they left me anything in their will.” I will tell them, “Why don’t you read their will and find out.” The word “testament,” legally speaking, means a person’s will. The Holy Bible contains G-d’s Last Will and Testament - The Old Covenant (Tanakh); and the New Covenant (B'rit Chadashah).

In other words, the New Covenant that Messiah established for His people is what he bequeathed us: all the blessings of redemption, everything purchased by His atonement on the cross stake. His prophesied death and resurrection impacted the glorious ministration of that will. Since it is Messiah’s Last Will and Testament, anything later is a forgery. Notice I said, “The Last Will and Testament.” It’s the New Covenant: He did NOT change it after He was raised from the dead. He came to minister the life, healing, and the promises obtained in that New Covenant.

A man never writes a new will after he is dead. If healing is G-d’s will for us, then to say that the age of miracles is past is virtually saying what is opposite of the truth: that a will is no good after the death of the testator. Yeshua is not only the testator who died, He was resurrected and He is also the Mediator of that will, that covenant.

He is our lawyer, so to speak. Yeshua is our lawyer. He will not beat us out of our rights in the will left to us, as some earthly attorneys do. Messiah Yeshua is our representative at the right hand of our Heavenly Father. And, for the answer to the question under consideration, let us look away from the modern tradition, and go to the Word of God, which is the revelation of His will. In the 15th Chapter of Exodus (in the Torah), just after the passage of G-d’s people through the Red Sea, when the Children of Israel were delivered from cruel Pharaoh and Egypt, an event that typified our redemption. And, it was written, as the Holy Bible says, for our admonition.

G-d gave His first promise to HEAL right after that. This promise was for ALL PEOPLE. G-d named the conditions, the conditions were met, and we read, “He brought them forth also with silver and gold, there was not one feeble person among all their tribes,” and it is here that G-d gave the covenant of healing revealed by and sealed with His first covenant and His redemptive name: Jehovah Rapha, translated “I am the LORD that heals you,” OR literally, “I am Jehovah, your doctor,” OR “I am YHWH, your physician.”

This is G-d’s Word, settled in Heaven: a never changing fact concerning G-d’s character; and don’t let anyone beat you out of His Will. Don’t let anyone - a minister, a rabbi, another person that claims they know Yeshua – don’t let them tell you that Yeshua does NOT do MIRACLES today!

My friend, the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua ha Meshiach, is the SAME: yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) And, during His earthly ministry, Yeshua never refused healing to anyone! And, my friend, He wants to heal you right now. The POWER of the Ruach ha Chodesh (the Holy Spirit) is upon you right now. Receive that MIRACLE you need in the name of Yeshua!


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