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Aug 29, 2019


with Prince Handley



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In this podcast teaching I will discuss “Miracles of Healing in Industry.” Specifically, true life stories of how God does MIRACLES through people who gather in their place of employment for Bible study, prayer and worship. Also, encouragement for YOU to believe the LORD Yeshua (Jesus) to perform great and mighty MIRACLES of HEALING in your life … or at your workplace.




I want to talk to you today about miracles of healing in industry―the workplace―or, the marketplace. I mentioned on a previous podcast titled “Ideas and Associates” that one of the members on my Board of Directors was a man named Magdi Girgis (Mike Girgis) who was from Egypt, and his father was the third wealthiest man in Egypt. His father actually had more power politically than Gamal Abdel Nasser did when Nasser was President. My friend Mike paid to be smuggled out of Egypt and through Syria by the Druze; and then finally got out of Syria to the United States. He was on the blacklist in Egypt, allegedly for trying to Christianize the nation. In other words, he loved Jesus. Mike ultimately worked in the Engineering Department at Hughes Aircraft. Several of the men that I knew who worked there attended Bible studies every morning and at Noon lunch hour.

There was a real awakening at the Hughes Aircraft, Fullerton plant as well as the Hughes division near the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). They would meet early before they went to work at eight in the morning and hold Bible Studies in the engineering office. They had Bible studies in the morning before work and also at lunchtime. One of the brothers that I knew in that group
was a prophethe was a real man of Goda real prophet of God. His little daughter was born with club feet. I think when the girl was around seven years of age, Jack took his daughter to a shoe store and told the salesman he wanted to buy a pair of shoes for his daughter. Well … the salesman looked at the girls feetclub feetand saw they were turned in. He said, “We don't sell corrective shoes here.”

And Jack said to the salesman,
“That's okay. Jesus is going to heal her.” So he told him what size shoes he wanted for his daughter. So the salesman pulled the shoes from the shelf and got ready to package them up so the father could take the shoes home. He said, “No, I want to put them on her now. Jesus is going to heal her now.” And the salesman was really flabbergasted. He couldn't believe that God still does miracles today. So Jack takes the shoes over to his daughter, sits the little girl down, and prays over her; and all of a sudden one of the feet straightens right out … then other foot went right into position. They became normal in position and alignment. Jack put the shoes on his little daughter and they walked out of the shoe store.

That's the kind of MIRACLES that happened regularly with the Believers at Hughes Aircraft
. They invited me into minister there; and the second time I went to to preach at Hughes Aircraft in Fullerton, the Lord had already been workingnot only in the Engineering Departmentbut out in the factory. This second time there was standing room only as I was ministering.

During one of the Noon prayer meetings, a fellow named Walter Meisenbach came up to my friends and said to them,
“What is this 'Born-Again' stuff you guys keep talking about?” (Just a little background here) … Walter had been a hunchback for 15 years. He was in serious pain every dayall the timecontinually. So my friends shared the good news of Messiah Jesus with him; and Walter received Jesus as his Messiah and was 'Born-Again' right there in the Noon time Bible study. Then they laid their hands on Walter and asked the Lord Jesus to heal Walter … to deliver Walter from being a hunch back from this bent over condition he had had for 15 years. Instantly they heard “pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.” They could hear the vertebrae in Walter's spine popping. They could hear it crack. Walter straightens right up and has a perfectly normal spine.

When Walter goes home that night, his wife actually was near the door when he came in … and she looked at him and saw the shine on his face: he was smiling!
Not only was Walter joyous because he had met Jesusbut he was joyous because he was no longer carrying around that pain he had suffered with for 15 yearsplus he was standing straight up. Well, this had a tremendous effect on the whole family. It was some time later, a year or two, that I was invited to preach in a High School in Orange County, California. There were so many drug problems in the public schools that I had been invited by several public schools to come minister to the students. They wantedand neededhelp. They didn't even care if it was Jesus that helped them! No prayer or Bible study allowed in schools, but please send Jesus. We need help.

While I was ministering in one of the high schools
I didn't know who was therebut I mentioned about Walter Meisenbach. I had felt impressed by the LORD to talk about Walter Meisenbach. And one of the girls spoke up and said, “Oh, that's my daddy. Let me tell you the rest of the story.” And she began to tell what happened at the home when her father came home from work right after his healing. These were some of the kind of MIRACLES that happened with the Believers at Hughes Aircraft … where people would just get together and pray and read the Bible. Men and women, engineers, secretaries, factory workers, reading the word of God, worshiping God, and allowing the Holy Spirit to come into their midst as the Messiah Jesus would do MIRACLES.

The Holy Spirit is God's agent on Earth to supply the resurrection power of Yeshua.

That's all it takes, my friend. Don't make it too hard. Miracles in industry … miracles in marketing ... miracles in business ... miracles in education! God even does MIRACLES in Church and Synagogue … anywhere. My friend, God said in Jeremiah 33:3,
“Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty (unsearchable) things you do not know."

I trust this message has helped you today.

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

our friend,
Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 6 minutes, 17 seconds.

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