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Apr 24, 2009

with Prince Handley


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Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. Discussion of the basic causes of anxiety,
and HOW to recognize and neutralize them for perfect peace



In the last podcast we discussed “Healing from Stress.” Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It may help a person to deal with a difficult situation, for example at work or at school, by causing one to cope with it, or to confront another person or situation. However, when anxiety becomes excessive, it may fall under the classification of an anxiety disorder. There are several types of anxiety disorder:

Generalized anxiety disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Panic Disorder

Panic Intense Stress Syndrome

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Social Phobia or, Social Anxiety Disorder

Developmental External Manic Oppressive Neurosis

The latter case deals in the area of demonic oppression or possession, an area not clearly defined by medical science, but fairly well known to most experienced psychotherapists. In practice, for complete deliverance of the subject, it should be the domain of only experienced Holy Spirit anointed Messianic rabbis or ministers of the Gospel.

Of all the types mentioned, there is an area of commonality, a Boolean center if you will, that manifests itself – to whatever degree, or spectral terminus – in anxiety.

Anxiety can be a psychological or physiological state characterized by components that may combine to cause an unpleasant feeling associated with fear, worry, or uneasiness. In this study we will address the behavioral aspects of anxiety: particularly the actions or reactions. For material dealing with healing of emotions,” consult the podcast: “Healing of Emotional Wounds.”

The basal causations of anxiety are fear and worry. They play upon each other. They feed each other and escalate each other. Fear exacerbates worry, and worry exacerbates fear. They are congruous and meld together as concern. After the cycle is replete, they become synonymous as generic fear. The resultant effect produced is the product of anxiety.

The Bible tells us: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” The original language for the term sound mind (sophronismos) gives the meaning: “discipline; self control.” If you know the LORD, you have NOT received a spirit of fear; but you have received by the Ruach Elohim (the Spirit of G-d) a spirit of power, love, and of self control.

Fear is a spirit. God is love, and God is a spirit. The Bible informs us the, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” Love is therefore greater than fear. That is WHY the scripture explains to us: “Whoever fears is NOT made perfect in love.” Can you SEE the POWER here? Perfect love casts out fear: it commands fear to leave: to depart. Since fear is a spirit, you can speak to it. Command fear, in the name of Yeshua, to depart.

It is interesting to note that the talmidim of Yeshua came back after a trip he sent them on, and declared, “Rabbi, even the demons are subject to us in your name!” Then, Yeshua answered them, saying, “Rejoice not that the demons are subject to you in my name, but rather that YOUR NAMES are written down in Heaven!”

If you are afraid of someone, ask G-d to give you LOVE for them. If you are afraid of something, (through prayer or verbal command) bind it in the name of Yeshua, and command it to leave. That is, command the spirit behind the thing(s) you fear to leave – to depart – in the name of Yeshua. Oh, they may TRY to come back at times, but all you have to do is be dictatorial in the name of ha Shem. Take your G-d given authority in the name of Yeshua.

The scripture encourages us as follows:

“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is fixed on You, because he trusts in You.”  (Tanakh: Isaiah 26:3)

Have no anxiety [or, worry] about anything, but in everything by prayer and
supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to G-d.”

(Brit Chadashah: Philippians 4:6)

If you are NOT sure that you know the Messiah of Israel personally, pray this prayer:

“G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, if Yeshua is really my Meshiach, then reveal Him to me.”

When he reveals Him, my friend, then pray to Him and ASK Him WHAT He wants you to do.

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley

Podcast time: 5 minutes, 45 seconds

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All rights reserved.


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